The Pooch Pad Cooling Mat for Dogs

$17.95 $27.99

 No matter how rough-and-tumble your pup may be, their paw pads are very sensitive to hot surfaces in the summer. The Pooch Pad Cooling Mat gives you a soft, comfortable barrier between your dog’s paws and hot vinyl upholstery in the car, hot metal outdoor furniture, and more.

Completely washable, it also helps protect your upholstered surfaces and car interior from wet, muddy paws and shed fur, making your trips to the dog park or beach together a lot less stressful.

The raised, textured surface promotes excellent air flow, and the breathable mesh fabric helps your canine companion cool off after a day exercising in the sunshine.

  • Easy to clean: simply fold two sides together to keep dirt and sand from spilling, shake vigorously outside, and pop into your clothes washer before drying on low.
  • A safe, soft barrier between your dog’s sensitive paw pads and hot surfaces.
  • No stuffing or fake fur to shed means less mess, even if your pup is a “chewer”.

US Dimensions:

XS  40cm  15.7" / 30cm 11.8"   < 4.5 pounds
S    50cm  19.6" / 40cm 15.7"   < 5.5 pounds 
  62cm  24.7" / 50cm 19.6"   <16.5 pounds
L    70cm   27.5" / 55cm 21.6"   < 33 pounds
XL  100cm 39.3" / 70cm 27.5"   < 88 pounds


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