Silicone Baby Food Fruit Feeder Pacifier

$9.99 $16.99

Your baby’s palate is growing, just like they are - you’re ready to go beyond baby food, but aren’t quite at the solid food stage yet.

This Silicone Baby Food Fruit Feeder Pacifier lets you offer solid foods like fruit pieces to your baby through a safe, chew-friendly silicone pacifier nub. As your little one exercises their gums, safely softened food flows through holes in the pacifier, giving your baby the experience of solid food while you enjoy peace of mind.

The large handle is easy for either parent or child to grip, and a fitted cover keeps mess contained during mealtimes outside the home.

  • Soft, flexible silicone is easy to clean, odorless, tasteless, and safe for your baby to chew on.
  • Wide ring-style handle can be gripped by little hands for self-feeding and independence.

Available in multiple pacifier nub sizes to suit babies and toddlers of any age.

S - Suitable for over 3 months

MSuitable for over 6 months

L - Suitable for over 12-15 months


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