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Feeding your dog water outdoors requires patience. We have all been there and it’s as unpleasant as it can get! Dogs splatter water all around if given through a regular bottle. So, how do you make things easier both for yourself and your dog? The answer is “Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle”.

This dog-friendly bottle is leak proof as it can be locked via a small tactile button, so no more water spillage. Moreover, you also get better control over water quantity to be dispensed through the hole. It’s compact and allows one-hand operation. Besides, carrying it is easy as well. Feasible design allows dogs of all sizes to place their mouth conveniently on the trough and drink with ease. It’s a great item when traveling with your dog and can be purchased in 3 different sizes.

  • Composed of food grade ABS material
  • Leak Proof Lock keeps water sealed
  • Expedites the feeding process
  • Prevents splattering
  • Increased portability
  • Keeps water fresh
  • Available in different sizes and attractive colors

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