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Do you know, your pet’s paws are breeding grounds for bacteria?

Pets do everything with their paws and this includes digging up in parks, backyards or any other muddy place. This means, their paws are home to dirt and bacteria build up which can potentially reach your bed, sofas or even worse kitchen unless you clean them off properly. Talking about cleaning, nothing cleans your pet dog’s paws as conveniently as the “Silicone Pet Foot Clean Cup”.

Besides how convenient and sturdy it is, the paw washer makes the process of paw cleaning easier, simpler and speedy. Compared to other cleaning methods such as water spray, brush or a piece of cloth, it doesn’t your dog. All you need to do is, pour some water into the cup, guide your pet’s paw into it, and rotate. The several soft silicone plastic strands inside are designed to root out dirt, mud, and all kinds of bacteria from the nooks and corners of the paw.

  • Premium silicone plastic material
  • Expedites cleaning process
  • Doesn’t aggravate your pet
  • Durable and robust
  • Reusable

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