KleanCut 7-in-1 Beard Cutting Guide Shaper

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Now you can shape and maintain your desired beard style in the comfort of your home!

There’s nothing quite like the crisp, clean lines of a professional barbershop shave - the problem is, it’s virtually impossible to recreate them at home with your own trimmers.

The KleanCut is an easy-to-use translucent guide tool created especially for beards, moustaches, goatees, and other facial hair. With seven distinct edges, it offers you virtually limitless looks using nothing more than your own tried-and-true beard trimmer and your bathroom mirror.

Shape your sideburns, position your beard perfectly, and achieve the ideal length for your facial hair simply by turning the KleanCut around to use the various shaped and flat edges.

Run your trimmer along the edge, and voila - that just-stepped-out-of-the-barbershop look without the time and cost. 


The KleanCut shaper and innovative design of this tool gives the ability to draw MULTIPLE BEARD STYLES such as Curve or Straight cheek lines, extra clean Neck lines, Curve or Straight Goatee lines and perfect Sideburns.


This flexible beard shaping template is made of flexible high-grade plastic making it easily clean and will last long for daily use. The shape and flexibility of the neck hair guide is engineered to fit any neck size! You can easily adjust the position of the guide on your neck for a variety of naturally good looking beard neckline styles.


It allows to shape your beard lines more precisely than other shaping tools on the market. Your beard grooming tool can perfectly works with any razor, trimmer, clipper, shaver, scissors, blades. Use it at home/work, or take it with you on business trips.

How to use:

Place the guide to your face in the desired position and let your razor do the rest.


  • Made of firm, translucent plastic that rinses clean and stays durable for daily use.
  • Measures 8.07” long x 4.13” high x 0.13” thick - perfect for stashing in a drawer or dopp kit.
  • Built-in beard comb keeps your facial hair looking neat and groomed.


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