$35.90 $75.90

Your home security just got beefed up!

Fingerprint technology is not limited to your smartphones, it has pervaded everywhere to the point that you will now find it in padlocks.

It’s great technology if you think about it. Nothing makes your belongings as secure as a fingerprint which can neither be copied nor hacked. With the super strong fingerprint padlock, it is now possible to fingerprint-protect your house, bags and other expensive items. Ramp up security and travel tension free. No need to carry a key or remember long passwords, just put your finger on the square and you’re in. The 300mAh lithium battery offers stand by times of up to 2 years or 2500 interactions. Put it on your bag, luggage, cabinet or anything else you don’t want breached!

  • IP65 waterproofing – just in case it rains
  • Top-notch accuracy and high speed unlocking (<1s)
  • Extremely hard to break
  • USB interface for charging
  • Convenient way of unlocking


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