Flexible Hanging 360 Degree Mobile Phone Holder

$19.99 $34.99

Want to use your smartphone more comfortably while you are lying in bed?

You are chilling out on your comfy bed, watching your favorite movie on your smartphone. After just a few minutes of holding your phone upright, your arms start to ache and eventually feel. You can use a traditional phone stand to help out but this easily topples over especially when placed on an uneven surface. If you want to enjoy using your smartphone while keeping both hands free for other tasks, this flexible mobile phone holder is the solution.

Enjoy a relaxed position while using your phone with the Goatygoaty Flexible Mobile Phone Holder.

  • May be comfortably hung around your neck
  • View your phone screen horizontally or vertically with its adjustable joint
  • May be shaped into a functional desk phone stand or a selfie stick
  • Use it as a phone mount for your bike or car
  • Durable aluminum and magnesium hose ensures long-lasting use

Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love this phone holder:

  • Phone-holding clip opens up to 10cm wide
  • Made of planet-safe material
  • Can be used while you are sitting, standing, or lying down
  • Available in 4 colors: White, Black, Pink and Blue
  • Perfect accessory for vloggers, gamers and techies


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