GOATYGOATY® Crawling Crab Baby Toy: Interactive and Educational Toy for Babies

$29.95 $50

This interactive toy encourages toddlers and young children to crawl and chase after the Crawling Crab Baby Toy. With Music, LED Lights, and Obstacle Avoidance.


Promoting physical activity and development. The cute crab design and colorful lights make it a visually appealing toy that will capture the attention of young children.

The Crawling Crab Baby Toy is a fun and interactive toy designed for toddlers and kids. This musical toy comes equipped with LED lights that light up when activated, providing visual stimulation and enhancing the play experience. The toy also plays music, adding to the entertainment factor.
One unique feature of the Crawling Crab Baby Toy is its obstacle avoidance system. The toy can automatically detect obstacles in its path and change direction to avoid them, making it a safe and fun toy for kids to play with.

 The Crawling Crab Baby Toy with Music, LED Lights, and Obstacle Avoidance is a great choice for parents looking for an engaging and safe toy for their young children.

  • 100% non-toxic, tasteless, safe for babies
  • Helps in stimulating baby's development
  • Build-in infrared sensors
  • Rechargeable with USB cable
  • No sharp edges
  • Perfect gift!

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