Clean Scrub Textured Silicone Back Scrubber

$23.95 $39.99

There’s nothing quite like a good, satisfying back scrub in a warm shower, but unless you’re double-jointed, that can be tricky.

The Clean Scrub Textured Silicone Back Scrubber is like having a helping hand while still enjoying your alone time: it’s easy-to-grasp design lets you scrub your entire back without straining your shoulders.

Feel fresh and clean from head to toe when you use this clever shower scrubber to remove dead skin, dirt, and oil: you can even fold it in half to use as a soft manual scrubber on your arms and legs.

More hygienic than a washcloth, the Clean Scrub simply rinses clean under your showerhead, and can be hung up to air dry for use next time.

  • Measures a generous 23.62” long by 4.33” wide, perfect for getting every inch of your back.

  • Dual-sided texture lets you choose from a soft bristle-like design or wide, massaging nubs.

  • Ergonomic handles on both sides ensure a firm grip, even when slippery from soap or shampoo.



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