Boots Waterproof Shoe Cover Silicone

$22.49 $24.99

These Reusable Shoe Covers are made of high-quality waterproof non-toxic silicone material, They are water-resistant, easily washable, durable, recyclable, eco-friendly and are odorless

They're used to protect shoes from rain, mud, water, snow, sand, dirt and any harmful objects or materials.
They're soft, easy to carry, elastic, easy to put on and take off. The bottom of the shoe cover has a special texture to help increase friction with the ground. They're suitable for all weather conditions.


  • Multi-Application. Great use for this reusable shoe protector is avoiding wet shoes or foot in rainy days, which also can protect them against salt & dirt. Great for motorcycle riding, cycling, climbing, and other outdoor activities. It can be also use for construction work to protect your shoes from any danger/ hazards.
  • Durable Material. This shoe protector covers are made of premium non-toxic silicone rubber, which ensure durability and protection for use.
  • Non-Slip Design. The rain shoe protector is equipped with particular tread mechanism for preventing sole slipping.
  • Easy to Wear on. High elastic silicone shoe cover can be flexibly stored in a wallet or bag, not occupy space, easy to carry, perfect stored in your backpack or hand bag. Stretchy material fits all people shoes size, easy to put on and take off.
  • Stylish and Reusable. Rainproof travel shoe covers with fashion design, especially for see-through lite white shoe cover that will not hide your sneakers’ design, much like a stylish accessory. It can be comfortably wore many times.
  • Leak-proof. Water proof which covers from rain, slush, snow, mud/ puddles.
  • Easy to Carry. Can be store easily in wallets or bags.


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