5 Colors Outdoor Folding Waterproof Camping Picnic Damp Proof Beach Sitting Cushion Foam Mat

$12.97 $19.99

Outdoor Folding XPE Waterproof Camping Mat.

  • An excellent partner, protect your pants from dust and water when you sit down on the ground after sport or in the park.
  • With waterproof and moisture-proof design, ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Foldable design, very convenient to store.
  • Light weight and portable, easy to carry.
  • Item Color: Blue / Red / Purple / Green / Orange(optional)

    Cushion features:
    (1) adiabatic cold - the small independent bubble structure, effectively reduce the air convection causes the energy exchange, more heat insulation and cold proof and heat insulation;
    (2) buffer - its semi hard foam, by the strong impact after the loss of reducing performance, resilience and tensile strength, toughness, long life;
    (3) water resistance - airtight foam structure, non absorbent, damp proof, waterproof performance is more excellent;
    (4) corrosion resistance to water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion and more antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, non polluting. Absolute environmental protection!


    Expand specifications: 38 long *27 wide *1 thick

    Folding specifications: 27 long *9.5 wide *4 thick

    Material: XPE

    Net weight: 35g

    All adopt independent plastic packaging cushion

    Not only comfortable but also has the effect of massage and ventilation. Light weight, small size, easy to fold.The biggest advantage is portability.

    Easy to carry and easy to fold. It is the best partner of outdoor sports and leisure in the year round.PP no longer afraid of cold, dust, wet pants.



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