GOATYGOATY® Roto-Flex Home Gym - AB Multi-Functional Trainer Wheel Rollers

$35.91 $39.90

Staying in shape while staying indoors used to mean hauling out a huge bag filled with exercise tools: weights, ab rollers, resistance bands, and more.

The Roto-Flex Home Gym eliminates the need for piles of bulky equipment with a sleek and versatile design that moves with you - no matter what routine you may have in mind.

 Next Generation Ab Roller

An innovative dynamic tension band system on the underside adjusts resistance to match your skill level, letting you push your workout to the limits to shed fat and build lean muscle.


  • Handholds can be lifted curl-style for resistance or wheeled along the floor for ab workouts.
  • EVA foam pad can be used under your knees, feet, or bottom for versatile positioning.
  • Dynamic band system can be adjusted through five levels of tension for customization.
  • Lightweight and compact, it’s an ideal workout resource for apartments and homes.
  • The included guide offers a variety of Roto-Flex exercises compiled by experts for great results.

Made with a durable EVA foam cushion for comfort and designed with heavy-duty rolling wheels and resistance bands, it’s built to last through even the most intense sweat sessions.

Switch up your workout in seconds: firm up your abs, tighten your glutes, build your arm muscles without needing additional equipment. You’ll love how easy it is to switch from one exercise to another for a seamless experience.



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