Pet Grooming and Nail Cutting Bag - Safe and Stress-Free Solution

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Say goodbye to stressful grooming sessions and scratched-up arms with the Ultimate Solution for Safe and Stress-Free Cat Grooming -  The Cat Grooming Bag!

  • Safe nail clipping: Using a cat grooming bag can make it easier and safer to trim your cat's nails, as it helps to restrict your cat's movement and reduces the likelihood of accidental injury to both you and your cat.

  • Prevents scratches and bites: Cats can be unpredictable and may scratch or bite when they feel uncomfortable or scared. A cat grooming bag can help to minimize the risk of scratches and bites, as it prevents your cat from being able to scratch or bite you while you groom them

  • Easy transportation: If you need to take your cat to the vet or travel with them, a cat grooming bag can be useful for transporting them safely and comfortably. The bag can keep your cat calm and secure during transport, and can also help to prevent escape attempts

  • Versatile use: In addition to nail clipping, a cat grooming bag can be useful for other grooming tasks such as bathing, brushing, and administering medication. The bag can help to make these tasks easier and more comfortable for both you and your cat.

The Cat Grooming Bag fits cats of all sizes. Fits snugly around your cat, allowing water in and out, while securely preventing scratches and bites. The carrying handles provide added security, allowing you to hold your cat safely while in the bag.

Basic Package: Pet Grooming Bag + 2 Hooks

Nail set Package: Pet Grooming Bag + pet nail clippers + Rubbing knife+  2 Hooks +Deshedding Brush Comb Glove 

XS 53cm / 21 inch 42cm / 17 inch 2-6kg / 4.5-13.2 lbs
S 61cm / 24 inch 48cm / 19 inch 6-10kg / 13.2-22 lbs
M 73cm / 29 inch 53cm / 21 inch 10-20kg / 22-44 lbs
L 81cm / 32 inch 60cm / 24 inch 20-30kg / 44-66 lbs

Perfect for:

  • Applying Purrdy Paws nail caps
  • Clipping nails
  • Bathing
  • Cleaning ears & teeth
  • Feeding
  • Using eye drops
  • Giving medicines & shots


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