Flipdock Magnetic Apple Watch Charger

$29.95 $50
  • Are you tired of staring down that dreaded “low battery” indicator on your Apple watch?
  • Need to charge your Apple watch at the office, but don’t want to bring your home charger with you?
  • Planning to travel, and don’t want to bring a ton of charging blocks and wires along?

Your Apple watch is your favorite tech gadget - but it can only track your health and deliver alerts when it’s properly charged. Carrying around a long cable isn’t always convenient, and it’s easy to forget in a floor-level outlet. The solution? A Flipdock Magnetic Apple Watch Charger.

It’s easy to use with any USB port, including your computer, offers fast and efficient charging for your Apple watch, and doesn’t get hot as it charges.

  • This compact design can be tucked into a pocket or slipped into a laptop bag easily.
  • The design closes completely when not in use to prevent damage to the USB interface.
  • The magnetic pad at the top works as a wireless charger - simply set your Apple watch down on it and it starts to work immediately.


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