GOATYGOATY® CartSmart Stroller Smartphone Mount

$29.95 $50
  • Want to keep an eye on your smartphone without looking away from your baby?
  • Tired of fumbling with bottles, toys, and blankets while you’re trying to scroll?
  • Worried about dropping your phone while trying to slide it out of a diaper bag?

You spend a lot of time with your little one, and they spend a lot of time in their stroller. That means that you’re either awkwardly steering your stroller with one hand, or your phone is perched precariously on the stroller canopy, poised for a very expensive tumble to the pavement.

Enjoying time with your baby doesn’t have to mean putting your smartphone or your wrist in peril with the CartSmart Stroller Smartphone Mount, a specialized stroller-handle mount that offers both convenience and mobility. Call family while you’re walking your baby through the park, rock your playlist on a jogging stroller, or find a bench and scroll social media while baby naps: with the CartSmart, it’s easy!

  • Smooth 360-degree rotation enables you to view your phone from the front or rear of the stroller without needing to disconnect the holder.
  • Extension stem offers an easy tilting feature to keep sun glare off your phone screen.
  • Expandable holder fits multiple smartphone widths, ranging from 1.97” to 2.95.”
  • Holds your phone in both vertical and horizontal positions for watching media.


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