Goatygoaty® Anti Gravity Floating Protective Phone Case

$19.99 $32.99

Enjoy this true hands-free smartphone use!

You use your smartphone for taking selfies, watching videos, or video-chatting with loved ones. Holding your phone in your hand for long periods, however, can be uncomfortable and prevents you from using both hands for your work or chores. Using a phone stand can help but these become useless if you are not on your desk.

If you want to hold your phone up at a comfortable viewing angle, without using any of your hands, this floating anti-gravity phone case is the best solution.

Magically suspend your smartphone onto any flat wall surface with the Goatygoaty Anti Gravity Phone Case.

  • Millions of micro nano-sized suction cups for powerful adhesion
  • Protects your smartphone’s back case from scratches and impact
  • Reusable and washable adhesive layer
  • Sticks firmly onto mirrors, windows, whiteboards, metal, and non-painted surfaces
  • Accurate cutouts for various iPhone variants 
Our magic phone case is perfect for:
  • Hands free selfies and video chats!
  • Putting makeup on while you watch a how to video
  • Recording yourself at the gym
  • Watching your favorites shows and movies on the go
  • Hands free GPS
  • And many more possibilities!

Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love this zero-gravity phone case:

  • To use, wipe the surface clean, peel off the case’s protective adhesive, push your phone firmly onto the surface
  • With 4 layers of protection (oleophobic, nano repair, intelligent adsorption, and micro nano suction cups)
  • Ensures a secure hand grip with its non-slip textured back
  • Made of nature-safe materials
  • Free shipping and backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee






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