The Flying Fern Magnetic Levitation Planter for Home & Office Decor

$99.99 $179.99

Meet this zero-gravity growing system that allows you to cultivate your favorite plants in mid-air. You are not imagining! These are real-life levitating planters.

The lush green beauty of earth meets the refreshing balance of air in this absolutely gorgeous “flying” planter. The smooth-polished wooden base holds a delightful secret: an electromagnet tucked into the core keeps a geometrically-inspired planter pot hovering above, as if by magic. 

Suitable for pairing with air plants, grasses, ferns, and lightweight succulents, the beautiful blend of wood, ceramic-look silicone, and your favorite plant adds a truly unique decor touch to your desktop, counter top, or shelf. Base includes a 12V power supply plug that connects to your outlet; no batteries are needed to enjoy this captivating piece of botanical art.

The 12-sided geodesic planter is molded from silicone, making it grippy and tactile. To mitigate against over-watering, a hidden drainage system allows water to escape.

Comes with just the planter and magnetic platform. Please choose your favorite color and the correct plug according your country.

  • Select your favorite base finish: a warm white oak or rich brown walnut; both include a white silicone floating planter pot.
  • Compact base measures 5.28” wide x 5.28” deep x 1.10” high; pot measures 3.54” wide x 1.96” high.
  • “Floating” space between plant pot bottom and base when plugged in is approximately 0.79”.

Weight 4.63 pounds / 2.1 Kg


- When you are setting the planter in place, use both hands to center it properly, this is to prevent the south pole end may get attracted to the platform and turn your planter upside down,

- Remember to remove the planter before turning off the platform otherwise it could come crashing down.

- Each device has its own weight limit, so be sure that the total weight of plant and soil doesn’t exceed that limit, or it will be too heavy to levitate.

- Fill it with the air plant or bonsai plant of your choice and enjoy this stunning magical sight!


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