Quick Lazy Modern Magnetic Shoelaces

$17.98 $19.98

A Perfect Quick Lazy Modern Magnetic Shoelaces for your Wardrobe!

This Quick Lazy Modern Magnetic Shoelace is very easy to tie, whether you're buying it as a gift for somebody special or wearing it yourself. You'll love this cute and comfortable classic fit, 100% Magnetic High-quality metal buckle! They're perfect for the weekends, vacations, and gifts.

How to install:

  • Put laces on your shoes
  • Cut off excess laces
  • Burn the tail od the shoelace with lighter
  • Fold the tail of the laces in half and insert buckle
  • Tighten the screws
  • This is a very popular and cool design, we believe you will love it very much
  • Adventure-inspired for everyday style.


  •    Length:100cm
  •    Width: 0.6cm
  •    Thickness:0.2cm
  •    Material: High quality metal buckle
  •    Colors: 2 laces (1 pair) and 2 "silver" Magnetic metal lock, (shoes not included !!)     

 What’s included?
1 x Quick Lazy Modern Magnetic Shoelaces


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