PowerJet Pro: Portable High Pressure Water Gun for Easy Car Washing and Versatile Watering

$29.99 $54.99

Experience effortless car washing and versatile watering with the PowerJet Pro. This compact and portable high pressure water gun is designed to make your cleaning tasks a breeze.

Effortless Car Washing: The PowerJet Pro delivers strong water pressure, easily washing away stubborn stains and dirt from your vehicle. With adjustable water spray and a far-reaching design, achieve optimal cleaning results with ease.

Versatile Cleaning: Not limited to car washing, the PowerJet Pro is perfect for various cleaning tasks around your home. From general home environment cleaning to garden watering, this versatile water gun adapts to your needs.

Convenient and Comfortable: The ergonomic design and effort-saving buckle provide convenience and ease of use. Free your hands and enjoy a more comfortable cleaning experience.

Portable and Compact: The PowerJet Pro's compact size of 19cm x 14.5cm x 3.5cm (7.5" x 5.7" x 1.4") makes it easy to carry and store, while its powerful performance remains uncompromised. (The net weight of 88g is approximately 0.19 lbs)

Safe and Reliable: Designed for connection to household faucets, the PowerJet Pro ensures quick and easy setup. Please note that it does not support any boosting devices, prioritizing your safety.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the PowerJet Pro. Effortlessly wash your car and tackle various cleaning tasks with precision. Order yours today and discover the convenience and efficiency it brings to your everyday chores. 



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