Portable Folding Moon Chair: Travel Ultralight Comfortable Folding Chair

$59.99 $100

Introducing the Detachable Portable Folding Moon Chair - the perfect companion for outdoor adventures such as camping, beach trips, fishing, travel, hiking, picnics, and more. This innovative chair offers a combination of convenience, comfort, and portability.

Portability: With its compact size and lightweight construction, this chair is highly portable. It easily fits into the included carrying bag, allowing you to effortlessly take it with you wherever you go.

Comfortable Seating: The ergonomic design of the Moon Chair ensures optimal comfort during extended periods of sitting. The durable fabric provides a cozy seating experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy your outdoor activities.

Easy Assembly: Setting up the chair is quick and hassle-free. Simply unfold it and secure the joints for a stable seating option. When it's time to pack up, the chair folds back into a compact size, making storage and transportation a breeze.

Versatile Use: Whether you're camping, enjoying a day at the beach, fishing by the lake, or embarking on a hiking or picnic adventure, this chair is your go-to companion. It offers a comfortable seating solution for various outdoor activities.

Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, including a sturdy steel frame and durable fabric, this chair is built to withstand outdoor conditions. It provides reliable support and long-lasting performance.


  • Size: 18 inches (height) x 14 inches (width) x 11 inches (depth)
  • Weight: 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs)
  • Material: Made from durable and lightweight fabric, supported by a sturdy steel frame
  • Color Options: Available in various vibrant colors to suit your preference

The Detachable Portable Folding Moon Chair is designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Its compact size, lightweight design, and comfortable seating make it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and relaxation while enjoying the great outdoors.


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