MagFrame - Magnetic Children Art Display Frames

$59.95 $100
Inspire your child's creativity and showcase their artistic talents with the MagFrame. This magnetic art display frame securely holds your child's masterpieces in place with its strong magnetic backing and reliable closure mechanism.  
The MagFrame can be mounted on any surface, so that you can display it in any room of your home. Not only that, but it also comes with a clear protective screen that prevents the artwork from getting damaged.
Hassle-Free Display - With the magnetic frames, you have the option to easily display your child's artwork on any magnetic surface. This means that you can mount the MagFrame on any refrigerator, magnetic board, or metal window panel.
Whether it's a small sketch or a large painting, the MagFrame can accommodate any size artwork
Encourages Creativity - When you proudly display your child's artwork, you can help encourage their creativity and boost their self-esteem. Plus, they can continue to admire their artwork as they grow and become more skilled in the arts.
Protects Artwork - To make things better, the MagFrame protects your child's artwork from the elements. There's no need to worry about creases or tears since you can keep the artwork looking good as new.
Versatile Design - The frames can be used to display various sizes of artwork, from small drawings to large paintings, and can be easily adjusted to fit the size of the artwork. The frames are an affordable and convenient way to display your child's artwork without the need for expensive frames or framing services.

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