Interactive Moving Snake Cat Toy

$29.99 $50
Engage your feline friend like never before with the Interactive Moving Snake Cat Toy!
Nothing gets a cat moving and engaged like an actual hunt, a hunt for food! This realistic moving snake cat toy will activate your cat's innate instincts to get them mentally engaged and interactive at home.
The snake cat toy has built-in sensors that immediately evade movement. So the closer your cat gets the further the snake moves away! 
Key Features
  • Stimulates a bored cats mind
  • Gets your cat engaged and active at home
  • Allows you to step outside your house with your cat fully entertained
  • Safe and non-toxic materials that won't harm your cat
  • 39 cm / 4 cm    (15.35" / 1.57")
Entertain your cat with our Interactive Moving Snake Cat Toy and order yours today!

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